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The Internet stay jazzy during their debut Coachella performance

The Internet
The Internet
Christopher Iqal

Syd tha Kid and Matt Martian make up The Internet. Let's not forget to mention their swagged out jazzed out house band. It was an early afternoon for the Odd Future affiliates to take the stage, but the Gobi tent was filled and alive at 1:30 p.m.

At first glance a person unfamiliar with The Internet is going to assume something punk or pop or R&B, even rap, but this is absolutely not the case. Lead vocalist Sydney takes the stage and proves the unaware wrong. Minds will be blown by her smooth, soulful voice and frequent scat harmonies.

The band makes their 45 minute set pass by in the blink of an eye. The Internet plays through their classics from their 2011 debut album Purple Naked Ladies, ‘Web of Me’ and 'She Dgaf.' By the end of their set we get to hear records from their latest album Feel Good like, ‘Dontcha' and a very rare performance of ‘Partners in Crime, Pt. Two.'

The smooth sounds of The Internet will make you forget all problems and instead feel positive emotions. This is a very special performance for The Internet because it marks the band’s debut at Coachella.

Members of Odd Future, such as Tyler the Creator and Domo Genesis were seen lurking behind the stage for a few brief moments. Rumor has it that friend and fan of The Internet, Pharrell Williams was in the crowd. Pharrell with have his debut Coachella performance later tonight (Saturday) on the Outside Stage.