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The internet of everything

Tired much?
Tired much?
Joanne DeHerrera

The internet is a wonderful thing. It helps us connect, gain degrees; helps us look for work, and sometimes, the internet aids us in winding down. The internet is a great tool at connecting with long lost friends, family, and it helps the world connect so much; that people are able to make friends across the world.
With all the good things concerning the internet; it can be a major stressor in a person’s life. 'Commentators have coined a profusion of phrases to describe the anxiety and anomie caused by too much information: “data asphyxiation” (William van Winkle), “data smog” (David Shenk), “information fatigue syndrome” (David Lewis), “cognitive overload” (Eric Schmidt) and “time famine” (Leslie Perlow).'
Lately, especially within the last few days; a new trend is hot off the presses of the virtual key-board, and that trend/future is #theinternetofeverything and pretty soon the world as we know it will be a thing of the past; concerning the actual internet. Very soon, hard drives will be a thing of the past, so we need to get ready for it, and get into the virtual Mega Cloud now, and not only do we need to do this now, we need to adapt to it rather quickly. As one ponders this Super Cloud, or Mega Cloud, one might take a mini-non-virtual vacation before learning everything there is to know about it.
Jobs, and job creations will adapt to the Cloud, so for those in the workforce we will be forced to learn, adapt, and realize that since we will not have hard drives in the future; we need to really be careful what we post on the internet, because as the old saying goes, ‘Once it is on the net; it never comes down,’ and this is more so truth as within the Cloud.
I have already seen HR positions open up within the last few days; for those who know the Cloud; hum, another great job opportunity, but before I wonder what the limitless possibilities there are; a virtual-break is much needed.