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The internet doesn't lie? What do you mean Facebook is still free?

Facebook Headquarters Menlo Park
Facebook Headquarters Menlo Park
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There are still some folks out there asking the question, hey, did you hear, Facebook isn't going to be free anymore?

As Facebook rolled out some changes last week some folks looking to start some rumors took the opportunity to start an information hoax to coincidence with the Facebook announcement. One of many bogus announcements that was circulating around the internet was a new pricing structure showing the various levels of service you could purchase from Facebook, and how much would they cost.

Facebook is doing their best to combat the hoax with their own campaign, assuring faithful Facebook followers, they are free. information sites and blogs are filled with assurances that Facebook is still free.

The internet doesn't lie?

There are also casual internet users just getting around to reading last weekend's emails and postings, reading stories, following links, to pages that tell them about how Facebook is going to start charging them.

First they read that Facebook is charging for their services, only to be followed by another announcement that Facebook is free. How can both things be true?

So now comes the realization for this casual group of web surfers, you can't believe everything you read on the internet.

Numerous Facebook hoaxes put misinformation into focus.

Just this week Facebook has waged a massive information campaign to set the record straight that they are not charging for using the site, yes, Facebook is still free. It wasn't all that long ago that we were worried about the viruses we would get because of the non-existent dislike button that was being installed on Facebook.

The battle to separate rumor from reality on the internet is a constant battle even for an internet giant like Facebook.

Parents, teachers, fellow web surfers, let us all pause to do a good deed. Take a moment to make sure your children, your friends, fully understand, you can't believe everything you read on the internet, and that Facebook is still free.

The power of the internet

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