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The International Women's Show 2010


The International Women’s Show
Every spring, the Rock Financial Showplace hosts the International Women’s Show. It is a wonderful shopping event for ladies.
The show has something for every woman: fashions, palm readers and psychics, cooking, arts, cosmetics, crafts, financial and estate planners, travel, health care, gift baskets, home improvement, massage therapy and plastic surgery consultations. They even offer pole dancing parties and belly dancing classes.
There are all sorts of fashion: skirts, pant, shoes, makeup, lots of unique purses and jewelry. There are innovative new products as well as cooking demonstrations.
The husbands and boyfriends wander around in a daze. I heard one man say: “I cannot believe they do all of this just so women can shop!” I was amazed at the women who managed to get their partners to attend!
But beware of some of the vendors. There was an overabundance of chiropractors this year and most were predicting doom. We stopped to talk with one and were told we were on death’s door. There was a lot of exaggeration involved. The basement water proofers are also suspect. They are very aggressive, one insisted on setting up an appointment even though I said I was moving and not interested. At American Laser Center, apparently everyone wins $300.00 toward a laser treatment of their choice! How lucky can a girl be!
The show runs from Thursday to Sunday, usually during late April or the first week in May. Vendors from every spectrum of business attend. Many give away great prizes but this year, the recession seemed to have affected the prizes and attendees. Many of the travel companies were not there and those who were did not give out many prizes.
McDonalds passed out great strawberry smoothies and Glory food gave out samples of their new low sodium line. Old standbys like Tupperware were there along with the fudge makers and the cookie and candy makers. So you could graze your way around the show.
The cost of the show this year was 9.00 and of course you have to pay 5.00 to park. Kroger sold discount tickets and 1.00 coupons were available on line.
We had occasion to view a fashion show. The slideshow following this article is the women’s show fashions shown Saturday May 1st.



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