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The International Low Brass Trio will premiere three compositions next week

Founding members of the International Low Brass Trio: Jeff Dittmer, Jess Rodda, and Gabe Cruz
Founding members of the International Low Brass Trio: Jeff Dittmer, Jess Rodda, and Gabe Cruz
from their Web site

Word was just released that the International Low Brass Trio (ILBTrio) will be giving a concert next week at which they will premiere three new works by Bay Area composers.

The first of these is Kyle Hovatter. As was recently announced, the Center for New Music (C4NM) will be hosting a program showcasing Hovatter’s work at the beginning of September; so next week’s concert will provide an opportunity to get a foretaste of his work. Hovatter’s music was also performed at C4NM this past April when the Jarring Sounds duo of mezzo Danielle Reutter-Harrah and guitarist Adam Cockerham presented a program in collaboration with the Guerilla Composers Guild (GCG), which has also collaborated with ILBTrio. Hovatter’s new piece for ILBTrio is entitled “Strength, my fainting heart,” which is a line from Lowell Mason’s hymn “My Faith Looks Up to Thee.” Hovatter has “tinkered” (his choice of verb) with this hymn to reflect his personal experiences of the opposition of faith and doubt.

The second premiere will be by Collin Whitfield, who shares a studio with GCG founder Nick Benavides. The composer released the following statement about “Chorale and Fanfare,” his new work:

I wanted to write a piece that was exciting and energizing from the first downbeat. I chose to contrast this energetic opening with a more relaxed chorale theme; after this theme is introduced, the opening fanfare is hinted at but not stated completely. It doesn’t return in full form until the chorale has been varied and expanded. Ultimately, both themes are juxtaposed in the last few bars to satisfy a thematic unity that is hinted at throughout.

There will also be the premiere of a short piece by New York composer Erik Branch, "Trois petites danses pour trio de cuivres bas" (three little dances for low brass). In addition, the program will include compositions by Hidas Frigyes and Corrado Maria Saglietti. Finally, for this particular performance, ILBTrio members Jeff Dittmer (horn) and Jess Rodda (tuba) will be joined by guest trombonist Caroline Juster, visiting the Bay Area from Chicago.

Further details about this event are anticipated, but the venue will be St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, presumably as part of the Arts at St. Dominic’s Concerts series. These are 45-minute performances that begin at 7:30 p.m.; and this particular concert will be on Friday, August 8. The church is located in the Western Addition at 2390 Bush Street, between Steiner Street and Pierce Street. If this is an Arts at St. Dominic’s Concerts event, then it will be free and open to the general public; and donations will be accepted at the door for the duration of the evening.

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