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'The Insider' true story of Jeffrey Wigand-Lowell Bergman

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USA Today is reporting today that Russell Crowe, star of the new hit movie "Noah," headed to see Pope Francis but failed to get the endorsement he wanted for the new biblical true-story movie 'Noah.' The highly anticipated movie is due in theaters on March 28.

For now, you can watch Crowe's compelling portrayal in the movie "The Insider," a 1999 true-story film based on investigative reporter Lowell Bergman and tobacco industry informant Jeffrey Wigand. "The Insider" is directed by Michael Mann and based on an article "The Man Who knew Too Much" by Marie Brenner. The cast stars: Al Pacino, Russell Crowe and Christopher Plummer.

"The Insider" synopsis/plot

A tenacious reporter helps an insider blow the whistle and expose the truth about the tobacco industry.

"The Insider" was inspired by Jeffrey Wigand, former V.P. of Brown & Williamson and insider, who exposed the tobacco industry to investigative reporter Lowell Bergman. The research regarding the well-known cigarette company was aired in a "60 Minutes" segment that originally aired in 1995. The uncensored interview was reaired in 1996.

Jeffrey Wigand told Charlie Rose in an interview that he was very pleased by the actor's portrayal of him.

Wigand is the founder of Smoke Free Kids.

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