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The Ins and Outs of Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Ins and Outs of Microsoft Surface Pro 3
The Ins and Outs of Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Since it unveiled the first Surface Pro back in 2012, Microsoft has been trying to push it off as the ultimate machine for business users. The firm claims that the Surface Pro is an all-in-one machine that can serve both as laptop and keyboard when it is paired with a keyboard cover. It was discovered that that work purposes could indeed be met with the Surface and Surface Pro 2. However, the original Surface Pros were unable to take off properly in either the laptop or tablet markets because of a number of battery issues, design annoyances and the hefty price tag.

Microsoft was aware of these issues, but refused to give it, which led to the introduction of Surface Pro 3, which may indeed be the true definition of all-in-one. When the device was unveiled, Microsoft made a pretty big deal about its design; it has a larger display of 12 inches, but it is thinner and lighter than the previous versions because it weights 800g and its measurements are 292x201x9.1mm. As compared to regular tablet standards, this may still seem heavy to people, but the device is feather light and gives the right feeling associated with a tablet.

The company has changed the button layout in the Surface Pro 3 by designing it for portrait use and placing the power button on the right side while the Home/Windows button is on the front face of the device. A number of other subtle design changes came to light when the Type Cover was used for judging the Surface Pro 3 as a laptop. The Kickstand has been completely redesigned by the company and it can stand at custom angles after some manual adjustment. As far as ports are concerned, this device is well-stocked as per tablet standards and the build quality of Surface Pro 3 is also amazing.

With the increase in screen size, the resolution has also been enhanced and the brightness of the screen is also noticeable, making it pleasant to use. For the Surface Pro line of the software giant, the use of Windows 8.1 remains a key selling point. It offers access to complete and full versions of the popular applications of the company like Office 365 and this makes it easier for businesses to incorporate the device into mixed IT environments. The Surface Pen has also been redesigned, which has boosted the productivity appeal of Windows 8.1 as a number of new features and services have been introduced.

The Pen can also serve the function of an eraser and it is also useful when design tools are being used. There are two buttons on the side of the pen while previous ones only had one button. These buttons are immensely useful in performing tasks in specific applications. 4 or 8GB RAM is being offered for the Surface Pro 3 along with options of Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 with the last offering amazing performance and eliminating issues of previous Surface Pro devices.

There's a vast price range you can purchase the Surface Pro across. Starting from Core i3 64GB for $979, the price varies to Core i5 128GB for $1209, Core i5 256GB for $1549, Core i7 256GB for $1829, and Core i7 512GB for $2279. You can look for some Microsoft coupon codes online to buy a Surface Pro 3 on a discounted price.