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The Inquisition: The war against teachers and teachers’ unions (and all unions)

The Inquisition in The United States.

This Inquisition is again based on a religion--money. The people who created this Inquisition are already extremely wealthy members of the 1%. The 1% controls the majority of wealth in this country, wields power beyond belief, owns politicians, and wants everything their way (including Supreme Court decisions), so they are attacking unions, teachers, public schools, and causing members of the middle class severe economic hardships so that the middle class is rapidly dropping in numbers and fading away.

Politicians, non members of the 1%, receive campaign funds and other benefits from the members of the 1%.

The mainstream media does not report this because it is owned by the 1%. The online bloggers and Web sites report this accurately and honestly.

Why the teachers and their unions?

“Public schools may be the last bastion of democracy in the United States, where every business has either been snapped up by the big boys or forced to close.”

These 1 percenters, who call themselves reformers, and who would never allow their children into public schools, are behind all the reform dogmas: Race to the Top, No Child Left Behind, test after test, scripted lessons, Teach For America, Open Court, and much more.

As a veteran educator of more than 30 years, as a reader of other teachers’ blogs and entries online, as a listener to the opinions of other educators, I can say one thing—none of this has been good for the students of America, and none of it benefits their present or their futures.

The 1% wants every student, except the lowest, the handicapped, the special needs, and the English Language learners, to move to a for profit charter school.

Hey reformers leave those kids alone!

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