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The innovation of San Antonio enterprise

Earlier this week, Los Entrepreneurs, a local chapter of Latino Entrepreneurs in San Antonio—hosted a heart pumping event at the Weston Center’s 11th floor at Geekdom. Geekdom is not new to heart pumping events though. Often times, and always involved, are the entrepreneurs of the Alamo city dictating the future of commerce locally, as is typically hosted at Geekdom.

“I think these meets like Latino Entrepreneurs are great. It’s helped my start-up get in front of some good people.”

However, what’s to be said about San Antonio entrepreneurship is greater than one originally imagines. Novices will picture pool companies and small business shops as entrepreneurs. It’s not seen that there are NASA contractors working next to a Codeup student that sold his car to pay for the classes. Whoops, that’s just it. Nailed the pin on the donkey. San Antonio is breeding entrepreneurs by forcing the youth and intellectuals to band together. But not near a bad notion at all. Many of these businesses that are archetypical to San Antonio are in need of this young culture of technology and world perspective.

There are stories of graphic designers working charity golf tournament T-shirts. Web designers, even independent and modest, are making $5,000 contracts for doing some real awesome work—cheap! And social media experts hosting functions such as on Tuesday at Geekdom’s Rand building; all collaborate to one image—an innovated work force is set in place.

Even if driven out from the traditional “employed and trained” sense; these people are contributing, working, interacting, developing, creating and analytically assessing—as forecasted in Mayor Castro’s SA 2020.

The final tone to be played is that without certain groups being able to meet and exchange ideas, this country would have NEVER succeeded (Right of Assembly—Bill of Rights). In this case of capitalism as a culprit for bureaucracy, leads individuals searching for industries with their talent ever more illuminating the portion of how we plan to grow.

So the next step is simple. Pay them. Consider it an investment that does immediate service and ROI for you now. It’s the only way we will grow to flourish. To foster talent and promote it. To make San Antonio a “greatest” place to be. No more wishing I lived in Austin nonsense.
Buzz it out.

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