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The Innkeepers Civil War Winter Ball lets you step out of the cold

The Innkeepers Civil War Winter Ball warms up the winter season each year.
The Innkeepers Civil War Winter Ball warms up the winter season each year.
The Inns at Gettysburg

Because wintertime is cold, many people are restless and eager to move around. Lucky for them, there is the Annual Innkeepers Civil War Winter Ball.

Designed for dancers, romantics and Civil War history lovers alike, the Innkeepers Winter Ball has been an ongoing tradition dating back to 1995. This year’s event will take place on Jan. 25, at the Great Ball Room of the Gettysburg Hotel.

Events leading up to the initial dance will be ongoing throughout the preparatory day, starting with lessons at 10 a.m. Because this is a period-style ball, it’s always a good idea to practice the dance steps prior to taking a turn around the ballroom. These dance lessons are free and open to allow dancers such preparations.

The evening ball will open with dinner being served at 6:30 p.m. At 8 p.m. the Grand March will officially begin, and it will be time to take to the dance floor, decked out and ready for a night of festivities and a step back in time to a traditional Civil War style ball. Traditional music will accompany the evening, along with reels, circle dances, period squares, waltzes and much more. The Victorian Photography Studio will also be onsite to take photographs throughout the evening.

To make the night as authentic as possible, in the sense of Civil War tradition, period attire or formal wear is strongly recommended. Many surrounding area shops rent out Civil War attire to those who do not own their own garments of tradition. Selections include Victorian formal evening wear and ball gowns, as well as Civil War uniforms.

This is an event that draws dancers from all over the country, and for many couples, it is a yearly tradition much sought after. According to veteran dancer Marika Delgado, the Innkeepers Winter Ball is “the best ball of the season.” Newcomers are always welcome, and this ball offers the perfect opportunity for newcomers and those not highly experienced to become better acquainted with traditional 19th century style Civil War dance and music.

The Innkeepers Civil War Winter Ball is sponsored by Inns of the Gettysburg Area, an association of 20 inns and bed and breakfasts in the surrounding locale. All are located in Victorian and turn-of-the-century historic structures and provide a doorway to the past for its guests and visitors while supplying all the modern comforts and conveniences in lodging and dining. Each of the 20 properties that make up the association has been touched by the Civil War battles in some way.

Ticket price for the Innkeepers Winter Ball is $75 per person and $140 per couple. This includes morning dance lessons, dinner at the ballroom and the dancing, of course. However, for those wishing to only attend the ball may purchase tickets for $35. Either way, reservations must be made in advance.

For more information about the ball, or to reserve your spot on the dance floor and purchase your tickets, go to: or

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