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The Inner Child is not Damaged it’s the Bridge to our Higher Self

The inner child isn’t broken or damaged and tapping into it is a bridge to our higher self and the key to recognizing that we are divine expressions of the one life.
The inner child isn’t broken or damaged and tapping into it is a bridge to our higher self and the key to recognizing that we are divine expressions of the one life.
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Contrary to the popular notion that the inner child is damaged, it is my belief that the magical inner child is the key to a successful spiritual journey and a bridge to Spirit.

At one time in my life, I had heard that infants and young children are “closer to the other side.” When my son was born, I watched him closely, noting peculiar things as he grew.

As an infant, he rarely made eye contact with me. Most of the time, he seemed more engaged by whatever was around me. He’d giggle and coo at what seemed to be my auric body, not my physical being. He was about nine months old when he stopped looking around me and made eye contact.

I was oddly sad.

What is the inner child?

In psychology, the inner child is a phrase used to represent a person's theoretical original or authentic self, and often considered as damaged or masked by undesirable pre-puberty experiences.

Another time when my son was a young child, I was writing my first book and had put myself on a schedule to write a certain number of pages each day. One morning my, son woke up and came down to my office with his book. He sat across from my desk, leafing through the pages while I was writing. (I miss those days.)

In my head, I thought, ‘Eight more pages today.’

At that moment, my son echoed my thoughts. “You have eight more pages, Mommy?”

Who is the inner child?

The inner child I am discussing here is not damaged. The inner child is our essence coming into this life. It is who we were before we had accepted the illusion of duality, that each of us is, in fact, connected and part of one life. The inner child I am referring to is the child we were at a very young age.

When my son was about four, he started talking about how much he missed Mexico. I found this odd, since we had never been to Mexico. At the time, I wondered if he was confusing an earlier trip to Florida.

“Mexico! You’ve been to Mexico?” I asked.

“Ah huh!” He nodded

“Really? When?”

“We both were there mommy, don’t you remember?”

I played along. “No, I don’t remember.”

“It was before I was in your belly.”

As a child, we are closer to the other side. We have access to information on past lives. We are more psychic, telepathic and intuitive. We know Truth (yes, with a big “T”). We haven’t been taught the illusion that each of us is separate from Source (God). We haven’t been taught that we are tainted by original sin, we haven’t been taught to live in fear, distrust and judgment.

I’m certain you can see the benefits to releasing or restoring that inner child.

Unfortunately, the older we get and more entrenched we become in our ways, the more difficult it is to peel back those layers and recover the higher self which we had come in with.

The Spiritual Cycle

Each of us is perfect. When we’re born, we know this perfection and wholeness.

At a young age, we begin to believe otherwise (the great illusion). We learn to fear things, not trust, develop judgments (our humanity). Our belief in duality strengthens and we forget who we truly are.

Many of us begin to question the meaning of life and set out on a spiritual journey. We spend the rest of our life doing the inner work and searching to recover a fraction of who we were when we came into this world.

Transformation and we remember our wholeness.

That is the spiritual cycle.

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