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The influenza vaccination is equivalent to avoiding a sneeze

The concept of the influenza vaccination is the same as the concept of the Rush Limbaugh, you either love it or you hate it.  In a recent pole conducted by the nonpartisan research team, it was determined that 80% of people questioned were unaware of what ingredients make up the influenza vaccination.  The general workings are: chick embryo, formaldehyde, octoxinol-9, triton X-100, gelatin, thimerisol (mercury derivative), sodium phosphate, and sodium chloride (salt).
Is it logical to subject yourself to these components when their combined effectiveness is that of avoiding a sneeze or regularly washing your hands?
The potential side effects of some of the ingredients are far worse than the flu itself. 
Formaldehyde, for example, has been classified as a human carcinogen…you know, a cancer-causing substance.  Research studies have shown exposure to formaldehyde may be associated with cancers of the nasal sinuses, brain, and possible leukemia.  (International Agency for Research on Cancer)
Octoxinol-9 is a spermacide, which means it kills sperm.  It may cause chills, confusion, dizziness, fever, lightheadedness, muscle aches, and a sunburn-like skin rash that is followed by peeling of the skin.  Sounds like the flu and then some!
Triton X-100 is harmful if swallowed but apparently is fine if injected and causes severe eye irritation.
Gelatin is made from boiled bones, skins, and tendons of animals.  No side effects are listed for gelatin.  It just needs to be made clear we are not talking about Jello.
Thimerisol is a mercury derivative.  This has the potential of causing mercury poisoning which leads to all kinds of big named internal malfunctions with the possibility of a coma and death.  The only reason thimerisol is included in the shot is to preserve the fluid from manufacturer to your arm.
Sodium phosphates are slowly and incompletely absorbed when ingested.  Some of the possible effects on the body may include vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea, blood chemistry effects, and heart disturbances.  It may also sequester calcium and cause calcium phosphate deposits in the kidneys.
As for the chick embryos and the salt, they have their potential side effects as well.  However, they pale in comparison to those listed above.  For more information please go to or call the CDC (Center for Disease Control) at 800-232-4636.  Both aided in the inspiration for the title of this article.
So why does the flu shot even exist?  Well, because it has been made into a billion dollar business by its creators and the folks at the top of health care in this country never miss out on an opportunity to cross promote.  In addition to selling you a product that must be purchased year after year to be effective, they are also putting you in direct contact with multiple substances that either immediately or over time may cause you to come back and see them for a whole new, more expensive form of treatment.  The flu shot is a microcosm of what is wrong with health care in America today.
While a lot of the blame falls on the health care corporations of America, we the people are responsible for some of the blame as well.  I’m talking about the woman who swears by the flu shot, gets one every year and was just released from the emergency room after being admitted due to an abnormal fever caused by the flu.  When asked by the nonpartisan research team if she would get a flu shot next year she replied, “I hate to think what would’ve happened had I not received the shot.  Yes, I will continue to get the flu shot.”
Take the advice you give your kids: don’t let people cough and sneeze on you, and don’t put your fingers in your mouth after shaking hands.  If you absolutely can’t handle that, then get a flu shot. 



  • Jennifer 6 years ago

    You must be a complete and utter uneducated idiot to try to pass this off as news. My child could do more thorough research than you seem to be capable of. I have an MSPH in epidemiology (look up the definition, because I'm certain you don't already know what it means). Let's begin with your listing of ingredients. First thimerisol is ETHYL mercury NOT METHYL mercury. That is an immensely important distinction. Ethyl mercury does not accumulate in the body and lead to brain damage, as methyl mercury does. Second, the side effects that you list for the remaining ingredients are the side effects of EXTREMELY HIGH doses of those chemicals, doses THOUSANDS of times greater than the dose in a vaccination. The human body clears chemicals such as these from our bodies on a daily basis. Next, you list as your sources 2 vastly different entities. One is a conspiracy website created with a clear agenda and absolutely no credible evidence. You give a direct link to that site. The other source is the CDC. You give a phone number and no link to their vaccine information which directly opposes your inaccurate propaganda. That is an obvious bias and extremely misleading for those out there who choose the most convenient source of info -- a link to another website. You also give a pitiful single case of a woman who got the vaccine and still got the flu. News flash - the flu vaccine is a best guess at the next year's 3 most common flu types. It is still possible to get the flu after a vaccine, just less probable. You also chose to insert a ridiculous graph from the Vaccination Liberation website that you previously linked to. Not only is this graph crude, but it also completely lacks notation on the Y axis. You simply cannot promote information that was created to be vague and biased. It is unacceptable for this type of information to be promulgated by an allegedly nonpartisan "news" source.

  • holly 6 years ago

    I just LOVE when people throw around their degrees-like Jennifer. Well, since we're flaunting our "intelligence," I have a Master's in Education, but that by no means makes me the mastermind with the cure for that. I too linked to the sites that Mr. Curran referenced, and all I can say is thank God there are some telling us we should at least second guess the status quo. Too many people get flu shots simply because someone told them to. As an instructor, I teach my students how to evaluate websites for accuracy, credibility, veracity, etc. I saw NOTHING in this site that deems it unworthy. Consider the source Jennifer-in its entirety. I have been a public school teacher for over 20 years, and I am subjected to every germ floating out there, yet I have NEVER gotten a flu shot. I'm not saying I have never been sick, but I'm saying I'll take my chances thank you very much. Informed and yeah-hate to say it-educated people know that the flu shot is well a hit or miss. You never really can predict what exact strain will infiltrate each year, therefore, you're truly taking a chance on a vaccine that may or may not be effective, at the risk of all the side effects-not to mention the ingredients. We all know what a debauchery the pharmaceutical industry has become. Flu vaccines make a lot of money for a lot of people. So, if nothing else, people shouldn't blindly follow what they are told they should do. Mr. Curran, thank you for your insights and awareness into this massive money maker with little effective results. Personally, I will eat my chicken soup and wash my hands a LOT.

  • Stefany 6 years ago

    I think it is very important to know the credibility of sources of information. Hosptials and doctor's offices track the effectiveness of flu vaccines and have for many many years. In short, it has saved many lives where many people used to die frequently from the flu. However, no flu vaccine provider will ever say it is fully effective. It only covers the most popular strains. Although it has reduced the incidences of flu extremely. I agree with Jennifer, if you look at the ingredients and legitimate studies that have been monitered and conducted the ingredients are not harmful and are in extremely small amounts. I have many credible research articles on these ingredients. I think if you choose not to get the flu vaccine so be it, but to spread fear over inaccurate information is not productive.

  • nikki 6 years ago

    Maybe flu shots work-maybe they don't. Just be informed people! Question whether it is right for you or not. Too many people get deathly sick from flu shots, and you can never be 100% certain the vaccine will work or is the right one. Just make informed decisions.

  • Michael 6 years ago

    OMG!!!! The Y axis is missing!!!

  • Michael 6 years ago

    OMG!!! The Y axis is missing!!!!!!!

  • Jon 3 years ago

    I know this thread is very old, but I wanted to point out a possible error. Octoxynol-9 is another name for Triton X-100 (Dow's naming). Since you listed octoxynol-9 as a spermicide, I think you might mean nonoxynol-9, since the former is not a spermicide.