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The inevitable hated Congress –A thought process.

Politics was born in the Middle Ages when a small community or hamlet approached a decision involving a large hamlet individual’s investment to improve the hamlet, build a new bridge, church, school or work together to build a community water tank for the town’s eventual fire protection.

Before that some emperors, king or lord decided outcomes.

On a small scale, everyone, adults in the Middle Ages, could see the fact or knew we do need a new bridge and begrudgingly cough up some hard earned cash, pig or cow o chicken for the town’s special project cash funds to make that improvement or investment happen sooner rather than later. Obviously everyone will see this as a benefit more or less and it was more than a mere dream!

Still “budget fiscal responsibility” has got more complex as our budgets get bigger over time.

Politics or where our collective budget goes is basically a system to decide how or who’s ox get gored or taken for the benefit of all. For example, meet for a community feast today.

Our American Founding Fathers in the 1770s found corrupt and inept political system all around their families in contemporary Europe. Quite often a king and queen controlled a nation’s purse strings and the wage earners or growing economy creators often were heavily taxed for helping out the nation.

Our Federal System in our new United States Constitution (1776) created a creative checks and balances to America’s Political System. Here in America, one has an elected President leading a country and two houses of congress (elected rich & working people) and a third separate court of lawyers to check any excesses by the president or both sides of congress.

It looked great on paper and it did reasonably well for colonial America to fund capital improvements across states and bank roll wars.

Things seem to get out of hand around early 1900s when a unified nation of allied states from the Atlantic to the Pacific started generating incredible pools of human wage earner’s common wealth and associated American tax dollars. The American people soon realized they needed congressional legislation to protect their labor investments in improved lands and cash crops or national shared natural resources, like petroleum, lumber, and even water. Soon corrupt and greedy cattle and land barons gathered huge chunks of land and water under one family control like a regional king. The nation’s Commonwealth then, funded many projects by 1900 that many wage earners never saw or even heard of like the old Community water tank or irrigation system shared by all.

World War One and Two and Korea and Viet Nam absorbed huge investment dollars for better or worse and some seemed to be created to hide great sums of cash as missing.

The 1950s was the first time Americans started charting our Gross Domesticate product or Commonwealth to be shared for all fairly.

However, then lawyer led Corporations do not gamble; as they own the casinos in Los Vegas and these mini-kingdoms hope the average wage earner will still enjoy gambling as an amusement or wild recreation far into the future. Conglomerates or organized groups of corporations figured out way to monopolize or control vast areas of natural resources and take all the profits earned by human workers for their corporate coffers. The Federal Government was expected to protect American family earnings; so the fed’s or national regulators were quickly controlled by Corporations to protect their exclusive investment.

In the end of the 20th century the world was on a massive speed ball race track and more and more wealth being created all the time and a purchased congress kept corporate investments safe.

The American worker, and his wife by now, once again was a serf working for some royal entity based upon cash this time around and not heredity.

Picture a silver and black hyper speed motorcycle revved UP by Technology to go as fast as it could around the international common wealth speed track collecting payments all around the world now.

Let’s call it the computer.

Once again we need to protect mom, apple pie and all we hold dear?

Currently, soon spend wildly Congress and the spend-thrift “Tea Party Monkey” riding hard on the roller blade world economy will find a tight turn ahead where all of Congress will lean into a big curve and the Tea Party protestors will lean a different way as rocky gravels are approaching ahead.

After the inevitable spin out and world economy crash, we average American wage earners once again will be looking for a better way to protect our humble human family heritage, mom, apple pie and our nation’s future kid’s chances of success. This frankly is the only reason we accept government taking our cash – to pay for an American dream.

Congress will never be loved as it deals with huge deposits of our tax dollars and they do not consult you; but Congress can be respected for protecting the people who earn the cash and elected them to represent their humble interests, rather than corporate lawyers as in latter half of the 20th century.

These humble human interests dream of an eventual nurturing world peace someday soon for all humans; as well as Americans.

For example, one of the worst devastation of the human spirit in modern times is currently happening in northern Iraq. This year, another would be king and a military group of Islam extremists call themselves “ISIS”. An incompetent Iraqi government and weak military have allowed ISIS pirates to kill all local traditional opposition.

The Obama Administration wisely stepped back initially looking for a quick “in and out way” to help these helpless people. However, He did use discretionary national funds to help in a unique way.


Airstrikes in Iraq

The Evening NBC NEWS on August 15th, 2014 reported the ISIS military hoodlums had attained a new low of inhumanity. Reportedly, women and children whose husbands were recently executed by ISIS Death Squads earlier were now being considered “surplus” and these demoralized women were being auctioned off in town markets for a couple bucks like cattle to highest ISIS warrior bidder. No mention of the former couple’s children or their legacy?

One has to wonder why the Muslim Brotherhood does not stamp out the small sect of ruthless and unusually cruel Islamic warriors defaming the Islam Religion through murder, pillage and rape.

Frankly, one could expect ALLAH himself to react to this Islamic ISIS infidel’s butchery – rare and embarrassing in a modern civilized world.

This major Evening news also had some good news!

About a month ago, a small ancient Christian Tribe has had to run up an arid mountain to escape execution; as they would not pledge to follow this new religion. Remarkably American war planes lately were dropping food and water by parachutes to this struggling group of human families to bring comfort to these war-torn peoples.

Aug 16th news announce American bombers used tax-dollar supplied bombs to clear ISIS warriors out of the way for Local Kurdish warriors to safely bring the small Christian sect families off the mountain behind Kurdish safe lines!

American tax dollars did some really great things for our noble humanity this month – excess spending or not.

The whole debate in our U.S. Congress is about ending deficit spending and get our government accounting back to how average Americans have to budget. Buy only what you can on your fix income!

Spend only what you have in the bank?

Our U.S. Congress must decide its own national funding priorities; but it must do it wisely. Some say America only help ourselves or not others outside the US as needed in the past?

This national debate is good for all Americans to be involved in and write your Congress person. On Earth, God’s work here often involves human hands and budgets.

Waste not want not is a proud American tradition. We just need to figure out how the accounting trick relates to a very troubled world daily.

This eventual new “admired & respected Congress” will set the stage for eventual World Peace, a tattered human being dream for many millennia, as world leader’s start modeling themselves off American values like they did originally in 1776.

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