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The 'Independent Woman Syndrome'

Gabrielle Union has a conversation about the "Independent Lonely Woman" movie role that she played back in 2012.

As Gabrielle mentions in the video, there has been a constant struggle among women to maintain their independence but to not be "too independent."What does this mean? It means that women want men, people, and everyone to know that they want the option to have support from others and be taken care of, but if needed, they can do it alone. This would be great, if self proclaimed "Independent Women" were actually being perceived this way. This is not the case. Men like to feel needed, wanted and appreciated. Although "Independent Women" think they are showing a balance between self-reliance and dependence on those who love and care about them, they are being perceived as if they don't want or need anyone around. Men have all said the same thing, "why would any man want to be with a woman who says and shows that she doesn't need him around.

How can women resolve this "Independent Lonely Woman" role as played so often off and on the movie screen?

"Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady" by Steve Harvey talks about the 'Independent Lonely Woman' and he mentions more in depth about some of these same issues. It is a great source for anyone who is struggling to find that right balance. Also, here are a few tips on how to improve your love life if you have been experiencing this issue.

1. Let the man pay- Of course, you can afford the bill, but a man who is taking you out on a date doesn't want you to pay for it. Accept the nice gesture.

2. Take the compliment- He doesn't have to give you a compliment. If he says you look nice, say thank you, no matter how you feel about it. Be grateful that he is paying attention.

3. Change your pessimistic thinking- All men aren't going to be able to support you emotionally, physically, and spiritually, but some are. Don't shut them all down.

4. Stop being so prideful- It is okay, you can ask for help. Allow people to help you, some people show their love that way.

5. Communicate- If you have an issue with something, instead of getting upset and having that "I will be strictly independent" attitude, talk about it and try to resolve it before completely giving up.

-Ashli Redd

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