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The InCircle: Neiman Marcus celebrates 30 years

Lauren Inderkum, Alyssa Moore, Anna Vojvoda, Chadwick Bell, Jillian Lieber, Courtney Lemmon
Lauren Inderkum, Alyssa Moore, Anna Vojvoda, Chadwick Bell, Jillian Lieber, Courtney Lemmon
Moanalani Jeffrey Photography

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Neiman Marcus Stanford Center InCircle program. The Presidential suite at the Peninsula Four Seasons was the scene for the celebratory salon presentation. New York based luxury Designer Chadwick Bell was on hand to show his 2014 fall collection. The exclusive InCircle loyalty program is an experiential one filled with unique sensory shopportunities like this.

Guests take a closer look at a sequin piece from the Chadwick Bell collection
Moanalani Jeffrey Photography

Buzz from the staff downstairs was that the same suite was used by Beyoncé and Jay Z on a recent visit. Gossip was that they also took up two adjacent rooms for entourage and wardrobe. On this occasion, it was less about fuss and more about feminine functionality in fashion. The light, architectural atmosphere complimented the flirty utilitarian elegance of the Chadwick Bell line.

Basil gimlets and canapés surrounded a delectable cream cake centerpiece, bursting with green and yellow butterflies. Frozen in flight and flaunting bold bursts of color, they alluded to the minty hue of the cake’s center and reflected the energy of spring. A pop-up Chanel counter was conveniently on hand to freshen up pouts and pallets.

Après bites guests took their seats and watched as models wafted out, sauntering through the room evoking the confidence and wisdom that the pieces embodied. The crafty simplicity made you beg for a second take, a closer look to discover all the subtle nuances and expert tailoring. As a thank you Neiman Marcus gift bags included rings by Anndra Neen, part of the complete Chadwick Bell look shown on the models.

Enjoy the highlights as seen in the Hot Shots section.

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