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The importance of using a reflective orange dog vest for pet safety

Throughout Wyoming, safety gear on outdoor dogs is essential for every season. One of the most universally useful items is an orange reflective vest, similar to those worn by construction workers. Whether a dog will be out in the wilderness for a hiking trip, or simply running free around his own country home, this test could literally save his life.

If a dog is separated from its owner, its coat color could easily blend in with the scenery so it's very difficult to find again.
If a dog is separated from its owner, its coat color could easily blend in with the scenery so it's very difficult to find again.
Boccaccio1, Wikimedia Commons
Dogs with a variety of coat colors can easily blend into a natural setting
Boccaccio1, Wikimedia Commons

Visibility with a reflective dog vest

Obviously, an orange reflective dog vest makes a dog readily visible in any terrain and at most light levels. Whether the dog is in a hunting area or wanders onto a roadway, this vest will make it much easier to spot. Drivers will have a better chance of stopping before their car hits the dog, and hunters will instantly see that the dog is a domestic animal. Hikers can track their dogs over great distances this way, and a lost dog can be readily identified and brought home.

Differentiate domestic and feral dogs with a reflective vest

Wyoming is home to foxes, coyotes and wolves, as well as hundreds of stray or feral dogs. Some dog breeds may look like wild canines from a distance, but not within orange reflective vest. Feral dogs are all domestic breeds, but frequently kill or injure livestock. They are also disease carriers and potential dangers to humans living in rural areas. As such, feral dogs are frequently trapped and killed by individuals and municipal government alike. If a dog gets lost while wearing an orange reflective vest, then no one will mistake it for a feral dog and will hopefully seek out its owner.

Reflective dog vests as identification

While a microchip is the only means of identification that can’t fall off, it requires special equipment to read it and some people may never have it checked. If your dog is wearing a reflective vest that has its owner’s phone number, or other contact information such as a veterinarian’s phone number and address, it greatly increases the chances that a lost dog will be returned to the rightful owner.

Simple reflective orange vests often cost less than $10, regardless of the size of the dog, and it is one of the single most effective ways to protect the dog that may get loose or that is exploring off leash.