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The importance of William & Catherine’s tour

Much has been made about every detail of the current tour of the Cambridge’s in New Zealand and Australia, but for the future of the British monarchy, the stakes could not be higher.

Most European monarchies had a referendum in the aftermath of the Second World War- the victorious British Empire was spared this soul searching. Unfortunately, the majority of the current monarch’s achievements have been muted by the suppressed need for the former empire (now Commonwealth) to openly discuss each nation’s desire to retain an English monarch as their leader.

When it is time to proclaim a new leader the low rumble of debate will become the main topic of discussion.

Without the Commonwealth England will cease to be world player, and sink to the level of other regional rulers like Spain or Sweden.

The current heir, Prince Charles, is a middle-aged man with considerable baggage and marginal appeal- hence the need for William, Catherine, and Prince George to step into the gap.

William of course is the young dashing prince who’s only known flaw is his receding hair line. Catherine, which is what she prefers to be called, is the super model thin doting wife and mother who seems singularly qualified to succeed in this reboot of an antiquated institution. Prince George is about the same age as his father when he went on a similar tour with his parents, and every indication is that he is starting out as popular as his father.

They are already influencing polls in positive impressions of the monarchy, and the future will tell if the wave of popularity following the young family will translate into the commonwealth retaining the crown well into the twenty first century.

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