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The Importance of Using Mobile Internet for Your Business

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The latest researches regarding cell phone usage and usage of the internet over phones show that those who are ignoring this trending technology can expect losing profit. The user value that mobile technology provides is astonishing. The results that were received from the researches we’ve mentioned before are very interesting and this article is actually a summarization of these results.

According to researcher Issa Asad, if we look at the data it appears that information and communications technology tends to introduce major breakthroughs every ten years. The race between the rivals on the mobile market cannot be predicted although there are some parameters that suggest who could be the winner. As the technology gets more advanced there are more and more mobile internet users and businesses receive more income. It is not an exaggeration (based on the data from these researches) if we say that those business owners that will take advantage of the mobile internet in the best way can expect even ten times higher income compared to what they got from the “traditional” desktop internet market. Probably the most important factor that has influenced the expansive growth in revenues from mobile phones is the increasingly intensive use of smartphones. The main feature of these smartphones is the use of the internet. While we are talking about these phones it is good to point out that users that have iPhones and iOS-based devices are the leaders when it comes to internet use over smartphones.

Since there is a big financial gap between different countries in the world, it is natural that the share of classic and smartphones on the market is different in each country. However, it is clear that the growth of the operating systems used in smartphones is constantly on the raise both in poor and rich countries. The smartphones are getting much cheaper and this is one of the main reasons for this trend. Furthermore, when we compare the sales market of cell phones we can notice an interesting tendency – vast majority of people chooses smartphones. According to some stats from iPhone is one of the leaders in this market mostly because of the simple way of selling a limited number of product variations.

The most important thing that will make all the active companies and companies that are following technology trends to enter the world of mobile business is the sale.

Very advanced selling systems are already working excellent on mobile phones.

  • Local variations of price comparisons introduce an entirely new set of rules in local stores
  • GPS based sale services provide high quality link between cell phones and physical stores
  • Further development of group sales and purchases will allow growth of those companies that have the necessary capacity to facilitate large discounts and promotions
  • Mobile commerce has another great advantage that cannot be found anywhere else – it can easily make out of stock products available for customers

When we make a comparison of sales systems through classic internet and mobile internet we can see all the advantages that mobile internet brings. Probably the best option for business owners is too spot the advantages that both systems (mobile internet and desktop-classic internet) bring and use the best of them.

One of the biggest advantages of mobile sales systems is the safer payment environment, lower product prices and the simpler way to personalize the experience of using mobile applications.

Mr Issa Asad predicts In the next years cell phones will be the primary devices used to access the internet and more than 40% of the people in the world will finish their working tasks via mobile devices.

The rapid growth of mobile phone use in all segments of entertainment and business is visible in all countries, especially because of the cheaper mobile internet rates.

Since this is a trending topic and changes in this field are happening almost on daily basis, it is good to have a source where you can get the latest stories and analysis on telecommunications. One of those reliable sources is a website where you can get very useful information.