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The importance of playing outside [infographic]

The importance of playing outside
The importance of playing outside

How much did you play outdoors as a kid? How many scuffed knees, pulled pigtails, and grass stains have you sustained over your formative years?

This author would be willing to bet that it was a lot more than kids these days. Kids these days that are glued to their computer screens, chicken nuggets, and sugar water will never know the freedom of the great outdoors like we did. Adolescent obesity is a growing epidemic as kids are consuming pretty much more of everything. The average kid eats an extra 200 calories per day and the average size of sugar-sweetened drinks are much bigger than they were back in the 70's. Now to be fair, it's not all their fault. It's not like they have a choice but to stay in and vegetate.
Ever since the implementation of the No Child Left Behind act, 20% of US schools have had to cut their recess time by 50 minutes or more per week just to keep up with the curriculum. There is a growing percentage of kids who see a decrease in their outdoor recess time, and some kids don't even get any recess at all. Students who do poorly in school and on standardized tests and kids whose families fall below the poverty line are especially at risk for lowered recess time.

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