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The importance of personal cleanliness at the gym

Some people don't put much thought in their appearance when they go to the gym. Why bother? You are supposed to go in and get all hot and sweaty while you workout. While this is true, it's important to remember that you gym clothes and shoes should be clean. What do I mean by clean? Let me explain.

When you sweat, you excrete toxins and sometimes you smell, then your fitness clothes smell, your shoes, and perhaps even your gym bag. It is really important to make sure you practice personal cleanliness before and after you come to the gym. You may not think it is a big deal, no one you know is there and everyone else is sweating. However, over time and lack of personal cleanliness can create a not so fresh environment. Just in case the love of your life walks in, you do want to at least smell your best, right?

Honor your personal cleanliness by following the tips below:

1) Wash your gym clothes each time you wear them ~ Yes, each time. This way when you go to the gym you have fresh smelling exercise clothes on! 

2) You may need a shower  BEFORE you go to the gym~ Some people need to take a shower before they go to the gym. This is just the way they are designed. Yes, it is one more step, but it is the healthy thing to do for your own cleanliness and for the person on the illiptical next to you who does not want to smell you! Lather up! 

3) Replace your shoes often ~ You should replace your shoes every 3 to 6 months. They may not seem worn to you, but they may smell and then cause your socks and feet to smell. This is especially important if you exercise and then go into a Group Exercise class and take your shoes off. Think of others in the room, please!

4) Carry a plastic bag in your gym bag ~ This is for the times that you shower at the gym and then take your gym clothing home. If you just stuff them in your gym bag time and time again, this can create an odor in your gym bag. This is true even if you go right home and put the clothes in the laundry basket. So make sure you carry a plastic bag in your gym bag, for your dirty gym clothes!

5) Purchase a new gym bag ~ You may want to consider purchasing a new gym bag every so often. Your gym bag is put on the locker room floor, the gym floor, the bathroom floor. Maybe you use it for other sports too. It can get dirty and pick up odors in its travels too. Keep an eye on your local sporting goods store for a sale and pick-up a new gym bag! Again,  a clean gym bag is part of your personal cleanliness.

Please take these tips to heart! It is important for you to feel great after your workout! Part of feeling great is knowing that you have already taken care of your own personal cleanliness! Follow these tips and you are sure to smell your very best!

Keep Moving! 


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