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The Importance of mime in the church

In recent years, mime ministry and praise dancing have been added to many church agendas. However, while interviewing Tara Jones, the President of Deliverance Mime Production, I quickly learned that there is a distinct difference between praise dancing and miming. Tara Jones started Jones Mime over 15 years ago and originally consisted of just her family members. Tara believes her training for miming comes as a gift from God so she doesn't take the gift for granted and she continues to strive to give God her best through the mime ministry.

DC Mime Production of Dallas TexasTim La Vergne II of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Bonham,TexasMimers performing at TGMEA Black History Celebration
LaNette Kincaid
LaNette Kincaid with the DC Mime Production
LaNette Kincaid

Miming is described as a ministry that is intertwined with sign language that consist of acting. Miming expresses a testimony and each performer must feel the music. Both Tara and co-president Andrea Johnson, describes the training process for miming as somewhat tedious for some members because the ministry requires Biblical training as well as each member being well rounded Christian individuals. Currently each member of D.C Mime Production are honor roll students who prefers their mime activities over any other extracurricular activities. Andrea Johnson, has accepted the role as co-president but, states "she gets her enjoyment from seeing the children grow and develop in this ministry."

Since the group is now under the leadership of Pastor and First Lady Elijah Kelly Jr., the name has changed to Deliverance Chapel Mime Production named after the attending church Deliverance Chapel Church of God in Christ. The group has 20 active members ranging from ages 4-19 years old.

While the team continues to perfect their ministry, they were recently endorsed by legendary Clark sister, Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole at the recent Singers Musicians Arts Conference held in Dallas, Texas. The group were also afforded the opportunity to meet notable pianist, Nerva Altino of The Altino Brothers. Tara felt that each child loved the recent opportunities their mime ministry has provided them and the now feel that the ministry has given them a true placement in the church. Each child now recognize the important of the ministry.

Tara Jones offers this advice for other mime ministries:

  • Don't forget that the mime ministry is all about God, so you should always strive for the best.
  • Remember that the ministry is not about you it's about God and all glory belongs to him.
  • Work just as hard at your home church as you would outside of the church.
  • Read and study the Bible daily. It's hard to minister about something you don't have knowledge of.
  • Every child must be active not just in the mime ministry but in several ministries at the church in order to make the church grow as a whole.
  • Be consistent
  • Leave attitudes at the door.

When asked what she loved about the mime ministry, Tara stated "that she loves that everyone in the group is unique with their flow of the dance." She also stated," that she is grateful that each participant has a true understanding of the purpose of what we do."Lastly Tara Jones expressed gratitude for her Pastor and First Lady of their church for being supportive to her and the youth and not allowing her to give up.

What ministry do you feel is important in the church?

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