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The importance of medical supplies: United States VS thirld world countries

Third-world countries are starting to get their much needed medical supplies
Third-world countries are starting to get their much needed medical supplies
isafmedia / Foter / CC BY

Ammon News reports that North-Eastern Syria recently reached out to the World Health Organization for desperately needed medical supplies after experiencing issues with ground transported medical supply shipments. Specifically, Syrian health agencies asked the World Health Organization to airlift supplies and vaccines into the war-torn region. The shipment of medical supplies airlifted in by the W.H.O. were appreciated by medical practitioners who experienced a three-year backlog of medical supply shipments. According to a report made by WebWire which was published Feb. 19 also stated Fujifilm has provided the much needed medical supplies to Kenya.

The supplies that were delivered into the region of Syria allowed physicians to treat both chronic and infectious diseases. The supplies also treated those who were and have been physically injured by the recent strife in the country. While living in a country that lacks common medical supplies is the norm for the average Syrian, patients who live in first-world countries such as the U.S. face a very different reality.

"We are lucky to live in a country with access to medical supplies at the whim of a button, and our goal is to make it even easier, faster and more reliable than ever before", says Anthony, owner of the U.S. based online medical supply store, Daily Medial Supplies (dot) com. In contrast to the conditions that Syrian and other third-world patients have to endure, American patients experience a world where they not only receive first-class medical treatments at a plethora of hospitals, they have access to their choice of medical supplies which can be ordered from the comfort of their homes.

Ordering medical supplies online allows the average American patient to faithfully continue any after-care treatment plans that their doctors have prescribed to them. The fact that Americans have an abundance of medical supply and treatment options at their fingertips enables them to experience a longer life span, as well as a higher quality of life than many patients around the world.

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