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The importance of matching your management style to your workplace culture

Contemporary managers are frustrated when they work in the workplace that practices a traditional workplace culture. Likewise a traditional style manager will become stressed in a contemporary workplace culture. The answer lies in the amount of empowerment given to team members or employees. Contemporary managers thrive in a contemporary workplace culture because employees are empowered to handle most situations leaving the manager free to develop the resources needed for his team to live up to individual and collective potential. Traditional managers will find the most happiness in a traditional workplace environment.

It is very important to match your management style with your organization's workplace culture.
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The workplace culture is typically set at the top levels of the company. Managers who are mismatched in their company, for example a contemporary manager in a traditionally managed company, will not be able to operate at their personal best and likely will not be able to draw talent out of individual employees. Employee morale, quality, employee retention and profitability will all suffer.

A blended management style can be successful in either a traditional or contemporary workplace. However the manager needs to be flexible as those outside of his or her department may not understand why things are being done a certain way.

So in recruiting a new manager HR specialists need to consider management style of a candidate just as much as the candidate needs to understand the workplace culture of the potential employer.

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