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The Importance of Manners in a Marriage

When we first meet someone and begin to date, we are sure to use our manners. We say “thank you,” “please” and the like. As time goes on and the relationship becomes established, we tend to let manners slip.

By the time we have reached the stage of marriage, most manners are out the door. And as the years go on, not only do manners disappear entirely but they are sometimes replaced with comments or behavior that demonstrates a lack of appreciation.

The importance of manners in a marriage cannot be overestimated. Manners should be part of our character and be part of the glue that holds things together. Manners show respect and appreciation for the other person. Manners also show that you value your spouse.

When we let “little” things such as this slip by, we don’t realize the danger in it. Little things over time become bigger things and before you know it, you are facing all kinds of problems in your marriage and you don’t know why.

Don’t let your marriage become a relationship that neglects the use of manners. Go back to that time when you first met and recall how you treated your spouse. Begin to bring some of that back and you might be surprised at how well received it is. It might even help to better your marriage and heal some old hurts.


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