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The Importance of creating a career summary

Strongly written resumes and cover letters can help to land you a job. However, a current career summary can take your professional life to a much higher level. A career summary is more than just your work history and/or educational background. It is a road map of sorts that will assist you in achieving your career goals. In addition, a career summary can assist you during job interviews, performance reviews, and career transitions.

The following suggestions below will help you to build a solid career summary:

  1. List out your top ten job skillsets.
  2. List out your educational background, including any degrees/certifications which you have received.
  3. List out your work history for the past ten years. Your work history should include your job title, duties, contributions, start and end date, and the location of the company.
  4. List out where you envision your career a year from now.
  5. List out any professional associations and/or networking groups which you belong to.
  6. What steps are you currently taking to towards career development?

Career summaries are the most effective if they are updated at least a couple of times a year.

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