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The Importance of Common Core Standards

Melissa Woodforlk
Melissa Woodforlk
Melissa Woodforlk

Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Language Arts skills are critical in a student’s educational trek and success. Common Core Standards focus on these skills in order to prepare students to be college and career ready. These standards are internationally recognized. They are being used worldwide and globally in education. It is important to get familiar with these standards in order to help students succeed inside and outside of the classroom because it makes the transition from high school or to the workforce to college less challenging by making them aware of the expectations and requirements.

The Reading Standard emphasizes text complexity and the growth of comprehension. Students must show growth reading texts from one grade level to the next. The Writing Standard acknowledges text types, responding to reading, and research. Students must draw upon the connections between writing and reading. The Speaking and Listening Standard requires flexible communication and collaboration. Students must learn to work together. The Language Standard includes conventions, effective use, and vocabulary. Students focus on the standard rules for writing and speaking.

To be college and career ready, students must possess academic skills, technical skills and employable skills. Academic skills help them to plan their careers. Technical skills help them to prepare for their futures. Employable skills help them to work with others. All are needed in order for students to be college and career ready. Common Core Standards are inclusive of all of these skills. Students who are college and career ready will be able to obtain employment after graduating from high school and students who graduate from high school will be able to attend, graduate, and obtain employment post graduating from college. The sole purpose is to produce productive citizens that positively contribute to society as a whole and that powerfully impact the world globally and internationally.

The Common Core Standards build a foundation for college and career readiness. Click on the following educational link for additional information: