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The Importance of a Safe Home and Denver's Free Home Repair Service

How safe is your home, exactly? You might be overlooking some things about your home that could become detrimental your health and safety, which should be top priority over many other things. You can't stay healthy and leading an active life, if you live in an environment which is doing some sort of harm to your body. The types of safety hazards that can happen in your own home can even be invisible and not readily noticed, until you become sick or hurt.

Thankfully, there is a program based in the Denver Colorado area that provide much needed home repairs for those who have a qualifying income level. Many seniors who are retired and live in an older home might not have the money to have it repaired. These repairs are most needed when they threaten your safety, and you shouldn't have to live in danger if you simply cannot afford the repair costs.

These repairs, provided by Brothers Redevelopment company, cover things like the installation or repair of wheel chair ramps, installation of grab bars and stair rails, accessible installation of door knobs and other home hardware, minor plumbing and electical repairs, as well as replacing old water heaters and furnaces. These repairs are funded by Arapahoe County, and they cover several communities within the county. Here is a link to their flier and contact information:

Safety Hazards in Your Home that Must be Addressed

Mold is a serious health hazard, and you might not even be aware that it's made itself a home in your house. Black mold is especially dangerous, and can produce toxins, which can be released into the air. If you have a forced air furnace in your basement and you have mold growing in your basement, the spores and dangerous bacteria can be dispersed through your home.

Mold can grow in walls and basements, but is usually found under sinks and around the walls near water pipes. Large areas covered in mold will need to be treated by a professional, and in some more serious and rare cases, whole areas of wall need to be removed and rebuilt.

Cracked outdoor steps and sidewalks need to be patched, and might be an inexpensive fix, espcially if you can buy the cement yourself and have a young friend or relative patch it for you. There are tutorials around the internet that show how to patch a sidewalk leading up to your house, or how to fix a cracked or chipped front step. You might accidentally step on the crack while you are carrying in a sack of groceries, and end up with a sprained ankle or the like.

A recently new and well-working furnace, water heater and air conditioner are a must. These things have to be inspected at least once a year to make sure they are clean and in good working order. An air condioner can become moldy as well as dusty, and needs to be cleaned and checked out in the spring, in case parts need to be replaced. This goes for furnace as well, but it needs maintenance in the early fall before the cold months of the year.

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