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The Importance of a ferret knowledgeable vet

Let's talk about why it's important to use a vet who is trained in ferret health for your furry friend.

Ferrets are small. They can get into places that can hurt them; inside recliners, couches, etc. And while this isn't something you want to contemplate, it can happen that they can get caught in said furniture and hurt badly. Your vet should know ferret anatomy well to be able to address the issue because a hurt ferret is a ferret in deadly peril.

Ferrets are prone to several illnesses that can be deadly if improperly treated. Adrenal disease and insulinoma are only two of them but they are very good examples of what can happen if a ferret is misdiagnosed. Adrenal disease causes aggression and you can lose your fun relationship with your furry pretty quick, as well as causing hair loss (ever see a naked ferret? It isn't pretty.), weight loss, and death if left untreated for too long. Insulinoma affects the blood sugar and can cause death in mere moments if it isn't regulated by diet and medication.

Okay, so how to choose a ferret knowledgeable vet? There are many places who will recommend one to you. If not the place you obtained your carpet shark, try your local ferret club. If you don't have one of those, you can find a nearby one on the internet quite easily.

The ferret community has been, to my experience, quite kind and helpful when I needed it. Also, there's always the message boards. The Holistic Ferret is an excellent place to find information, with owners from all over the world participating.

The bottom line is, you need a vet that understands your little guy's unique needs. A ferret can get sick at the drop of a hat and when they do it often escalates to life threatening very quickly. Someone who specializes in their treatment is their best hope at a happy, healthy life. So do whatever you have to do to find a ferret knowledgeable vet in your area; it might save your furkid's life.

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