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The importance meditation and relaxation bring to women

Spa for relaxation with candles around it.
Spa for relaxation with candles around it.
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Why is Meditation/Relaxation so important to women?

Meditation helps you to connect with who you are, your true self, finding your inner voice, your inner spirit and learn what it means to you as an individual. Meditation will also help you achieve a state of deep relaxation, teach you how to become a better listener, be more empathetic and have more self esteem. You will become less anxious, gain composure and learn patience. Most importantly for women it will teach you to nurture, have more fulfilling relationships, create an inner clarity and help you to deal, trust, understand, accept and find peace with the ever changing stages of your life.

We've all heard the saying, "beauty comes from within". This is exactly what Raquel Kearney Elekes is offering the women of Laredo. At first, she only offered them to her brides-to-be (Raquel is a Wedding Planner) as a way to relax and be stress free from all the worries that having a wedding brings you. Soon after their wedding the girls started asking her for more Meditation/Relaxation classes. Thus an hour long class is now being offered by her to anyone that is interested. For now, these services will only be offered to women, sorry gentlemen!

What are the benefits of Meditation/Relaxation?

Combats stress:  It has been studied and it will actually lower your blood pressure.
Self confidence and self awareness: 
When you learn to sit (stand or lie down) and actually tune everything out, you are able to detach yourself from everyday life and emotions. This teaches us to listen to our inner voice and we learn to trust what we feel and what we know, intuition.
It helps you focus.
Promotes creativity.
Expand your consciousness and create an inner peace.
Control our own happiness and other emotions.
Helps take care of your spiritual, physical and mental health.
Promotes Individuality:  Learn how to trust yourself.
Invokes inner freedom.
Find your inner energy:  You learn how to look into your heart, soul and spirit.

How did you come about this?

My mother, quite often, sitting on the floor with her eyes closed and her legs folded up would often meditate. "A person is never completely whole until they understand the physical, mental and spiritual parts of who they truly are as individuals." My mother was a debutant and therefore felt it was VERY important that my sister and I were taught everything there is to know about etiquette. It was equally important to be well rounded in every other way, "because you never know what you will do when you grow up."

For more information on these services please contact Raquel Kearney Elekes at 956-489-9903 or email her at


  • Denise 5 years ago

    Interesting article. Sometimes I wish I could just get away.....

  • Denise 5 years ago

    Interesting article. Sometimes I wish I could just get away.....

  • Erica 5 years ago

    Well this definitely follows suit with the idea that "beauty" comes from within. I like that your articles aren't just about "outer" beauty but about remodeling our "inner" beauty as well.

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