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The Imperial Executive and His Orders

So now the President has decided businesses must pay overtime for many previously exempt workers no matter their employment situation. This is what happens when the left decides it knows best how business works. It's somewhat similar to the minimum wage argument in which the left says raising it makes everyone better off. I beg to differ. Raising it may make the people who still have jobs financially better off, but what about the rest of their employment situation. You may have to work much harder or find yourself out of a job because businesses are not social welfare experiments- they are enterprises that either succeed or fail based on profit margins. Small businesses have two choices when faced with an increase in labor cost without any increase in productivity: they can raise prices or reduce the aggregate number of employees.

I know the left refuses to believe this but most businesses operate on a very thin profit margin. Forcing an increase in any expense for them forces them to find another way to trim expenses or increase revenue. Trimming expenses may mean laying off employees. Increasing revenue generally means a price increase. Neither action adds to the economy- and neither does increasing the minimum wage or mandating overtime pay! This is as silly as arguing that increasing food stamps has a stimulus effect on the economy. Unfortunately many folks are ignorant of economics and business so the left can get away with arguments that sound good even though they are fallacious and in some cases deliberately deceitful.

Now if congress decided as part of a legislative initiative that the federal minimum wage would go up or that previously exempt workers would now receive overtime pay I might be upset, but I would chalk it up to my side being unable to win control of the House or Senate. Unfortunately for the country, the fact is these actions have not been passed into law by Congress and signed into law. These actions have come about because President Obama has decided that he and only he should set policy as far as... well as far as a host of things. In his State of the Union Address this year he basically threatened to govern by Executive Order.

Examples: several waivers for groups under the Affordable Care Act, increase of Federal Minimum Wage to $10.10 per hour for Federal contractors, 2012's order to stop any deportation of "Dream Act" eligible undocumented immigrants' children (and if you don't believe Snopes is a left-wing site read the contortions they go through to sanitize the President's action- here) and now the overtime order.

It's gotten so bad that the House of Representatives felt compelled to pass the "Enforce the Law Act". Sponsored by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) it basically says that our President must obey the Constitution and enforce the laws as they are written. Why has it come to this? Possibly because this President seems bound and determined to stamp his vision of "social justice" on the nation whether they like it or not. And more and more the polls tell us the American people don't like it.

Does this make this President a powerful visionary leader, an incompetent fool, a power-hungry dictator or someone with imperial delusions? I suppose it depends on your political leanings. I do know this: until the election of Barak Obama no man or woman could have gotten away with the end runs around both Congress and the Constitution. Nixon was threatened with impeachment (and forced to resign) for actions which were much less threatening to the fabric of our Republic.

And we haven't even begun to discuss international affairs and the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize recipient. (Remember who that was?) Maybe another day.

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