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The immortal words of Jesus: Explorations into the Gospel of Thomas, Saying 2

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2. Jesus said, "The one who seeks me will certainly find me, and having found me, that one will be perplexed, and having been perplexed, that one will be amazed, and having been amazed that one will rule, and having ruled that one will find the true Sabbath, the day of rest."


Extant versions in Greek and Coptic say, "Let the one who seeks not cease seeking until that one finds, and having found..." The Coptic version is shorter and after "being amazed," ends with "will rule over All." The Greek Oxyrhynchus ends with "having ruled will find rest." This version presented above has been made to resemble the citation from Clement of Alexandria citing the Gospel of Hebrews. (Stromateis 14:96)

This version here presented is meant to suggest a more complete form of the saying. The Sabbath (which does not actually appear in any copy of this saying) seems to logically fit with the sense of the saying, especially if one reads Hebrews 4, and also Saying 27 of the Gospel of Thomas.

Although the saying makes sense as it appears in the original manuscripts, "Let the one who seeks not cease seeking until that one finds...", if one supposes that Jesus is the object of the search, it makes even more sense. After all, what is it that one is seeking? It helps to know what one should be looking for. Thus this version has Jesus saying that the object of the search is himself and that anyone who really searches will be assured of actually finding it.


This saying reflects the stages in a believer's life. When one first acquires true knowledge, it is utterly baffling. A person's whole balance and world view is upset. Everything that a person thinks he or she knows is proven wrong. The person is utterly disturbed and devastated by the revelation of the truth. But once the person has mastered the knowledge of the truth, and begins to accept it and apply it, the person begins to be transformed by it, and then the one is amazed at how he or she has been changed by the knowledge of the truth. And one is amazed also by the power imparted by the knowledge. And once a person obtains power from the truth, the person then gains control over his or her life and there is no longer conflict, and thus the person then finds inner peace.