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The immense power and unification of music

Unity thru music without discrimination.
Unity thru music without discrimination.
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There is a form of expression that has not yet been rendered illegal or been completely restricted as an escape from your everyday. An unseen power that brings happiness, hope, love, laughter, and creative outlets to the youth of our world or the elderly with stories of our vast history and everything in between. Honestly, it's much more than that, so much more...

Music around the world
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There is just about a few under a million different aspects that set boundaries in our human race. Faith, language, culture, upbringing, and countless signs pointing us the other way. All of which blocking our connection of communication, none of which can hold a candle to those who are unable from no choice of there own to understand average conversation. However they can feel, and there is one remarkable bridge that crosses over that mountain into a world only you can picture with in your own imagination.

Whether it is autism, down syndrome, asperger's or countless other unfortunate situations that often causes said victim to encounter a daily struggle in communication with the rest of the world. Leaving a feeling of seclusion, or misunderstanding. Music can often be the only outlet to bring them out of their restricted shells and let their fear and reminder of their said disability melt away with in song and dance. Granting this gift changes their world of hardship If only for a minute, or an album, it can be enough to comfort and restore inspiration. Barriers like these make walls like religion or differences in opinion seem futile and immature. Music can not be seen, notes on paper capture nothing, It's the feeling that empowers us in just about everything we do.

"Music changes my mood, if i'm sad a song can make me smile. They remind me of good times, "Tonights gonna be a good night" reminds me of gradutation." -Brian Dunning (Lives with Autism)

Have you ever been to a concert where you see thousands of strangers seemingly become one unified sea? Completely lost in the moment and the feeling that captures them in time. That's the intensity of music. In a world where hate is rising and discrimination seems to be back, the fact that anything can drop the hysteria and animosity is a remarkable thing. Regardless of genre, the euphoria of being at a live show seems to open up to being friendly, and welcoming to complete strangers with the realization that everyone is there for the same thing. Complete strangers becoming best friends instead of secluding themselves to single groups.

No matter where you stand in the world, from the plains of Africa, to the heart of Tampa Bay, Florida, a beat or riff is a unified language that everyone understands, connecting you with the rest of society without you even realizing. A beat will hit your body just as it would any other single person regardless of where you are on this planet we call home. The pounding on your chest, the tingles in your fingers, the hair standing on the back of your neck, the involuntary sway with the rhythm that seemed to happen without permission, and you look around, everyone is in single motion. Making it a truly intriguing concept to grasp that maybe, we are all more alike than we think.

A world without music would be an abrupt chaos, a silent mesh of no expression, no feeling, and no world I would want to live in. Breaking down walls, comforting and inspiring, unifying our worlds population as one in a universal language. That is the power of music.

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