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The Illusions of the school system

In attendance at a local Charlotte PTA meeting, I was reminded of the illusions that exist when there is huge federal dollars at stake. I remembered the news headlines: Charlotte Mecklenburg schools are not making the grade and 67% of the students are dropping out. I then realized the purpose of the PR campaign I was sitting at. The new movie "Waiting on Superman" has been released.

Teachers are receiving $10,000.00 bonuses and the more money at stake, the more concern we need to have for our children and whether there is accuracy in the reports you see. Especially concerning "elementary principals" who have made marginal gains all of a sudden. Unfortunately, you don't see the damage until years later, when they are years behind other students. While you are believing they are receiving exactly what they should all be receiving academically. "Injustice anywhere, is injustice everywhere." M.L.K., Jr.

Wachovia did it best. They hired everybody with low salaries and said you will receive rewards for the concrete success you accomplish. But not the school system, you will receive these bonuses upfront "if you are willing to teach at these failing schools" though they were systematically created.

You would not require different standards across the nation if it were not intended, you would evaluate what works and apply it accordingly. With all the money schemes of today, I never dreamed it would hurt the future generations of this nation. I believed that we would only get better so that we could compete globally.

Many agencies are forcing employees not to come forward with the confidentiality clauses. However, I can only remind you that any testing that is subjective can be altered to fit the current climate of the campaign.

As I sat in another conference yesterday an emergency meeting was called. I turned to the facilitator and said E.E.Wadell will be apart of the school closing announcements. She looked at me and said "well there is no way that we would not be informed first." She said "that means the children would be sent to Garinger. I replied "but Olympic is so much closer." She replied "no they could not possibly house this many students."

Interestingly, the majority minority school has the only new high school facility that houses so many minority students and what better place to continue the process of taking from students with the greatest need. "There will not be a lot of outcry." Who better to prey on? Until you see the country cutback on building prisons and invest in the future of all children, realize the illusions and PR campaigns are what they are mere illusions!

When will we wake up America? It is really time to call it what it is!


  • Pat Anthony/Charlotte Healthy Living Examiner 4 years ago

    It has long been my thought that schools are where the kids go b/c this is required by the state. Education comes from home. Parents must teach the kids. It is not only their responsibility, the teachers don't have time with everything that is going on in class.

  • Profile picture of Denise Loundes-Russell
    Denise Loundes-Russell 4 years ago

    Parents do teach their children and no one has time, you make time. However, other professions can not use that as an excuse, if you do not have time teaching may not be for you.

    Teachers have to have time because our children are too valuable to have people teach "who don't have time." A system was created that implied it would educate if parents paid taxes to educate.

    The fact is it takes all 3 elements to function successfully: the teacher, the parent and the child. There is indeed parents that do not teach their children but there are more teaching than not.

    In addition, if you truly evaluate the money parents spend on Sylvan, plus doing what they can at home we should really question why we don't just pay Sylvan to educate rather than a system that does not want to educate. Return the money to the parents in the form of vouchers and everybody is happy.

    Or weeding out people who are not passionate to teach is a solution. There was a time when people did not get jobs as teachers to get bonuses, but they got the job because they had a passion to teach and we were blessed with great educators.

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