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The Illusions of the school system


  • Pat Anthony/Charlotte Healthy Living Examiner 5 years ago

    It has long been my thought that schools are where the kids go b/c this is required by the state. Education comes from home. Parents must teach the kids. It is not only their responsibility, the teachers don't have time with everything that is going on in class.

  • Profile picture of Denise Loundes-Russell
    Denise Loundes-Russell 5 years ago

    Parents do teach their children and no one has time, you make time. However, other professions can not use that as an excuse, if you do not have time teaching may not be for you.

    Teachers have to have time because our children are too valuable to have people teach "who don't have time." A system was created that implied it would educate if parents paid taxes to educate.

    The fact is it takes all 3 elements to function successfully: the teacher, the parent and the child. There is indeed parents that do not teach their children but there are more teaching than not.

    In addition, if you truly evaluate the money parents spend on Sylvan, plus doing what they can at home we should really question why we don't just pay Sylvan to educate rather than a system that does not want to educate. Return the money to the parents in the form of vouchers and everybody is happy.

    Or weeding out people who are not passionate to teach is a solution. There was a time when people did not get jobs as teachers to get bonuses, but they got the job because they had a passion to teach and we were blessed with great educators.

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