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The ignorance of the left

There have been many attacks against the American citizens (most of whom can prove they were born in the United States) who have stood up against the current administration for the out of control spending and their attack against personal freedom and responsibility. The attacks have ranged from the Obama administration calling them “Tea Baggers,” which is a reference to a homosexual act, to commentators comparing the Tea Parties to Ku Klux Klan meetings.
We understand that the Obama administration is attacking free speech while making these attacks as well as their acts of aggression towards Fox News, talk radio and the lack of regulation on the Internet. The Obama administration understands that these rallies are not race motivated but are a philosophical uprising and they are dealing with the issue as every extreme leftist or tyrannical regime has.
A local columnist for the Florence Recorder recently wrote an article titled “Where were the white robes?” in which he compared Boone County, KY residents to members of the Ku Klux Klan. While there will always be American citizens who argue over policy (unless Obama gets his way), it is absurd to compare the Tea Party attendees or leaders to some of the most vile and racist people in American history.
It is true that some of the people in attendance at the Tea Parties have expressed dislike of the president and may have said some negative and out of line comments which were similar to when Wanda Sykes said that she wanted Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys to fail. However, this expression of frustration and anger is nothing like what we saw from the left during the Reagan administration, let alone the Bush administration.
On the other hand, Obama opponents have compared the President to Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Chavez. While the words in this criticism sound harsh, these arguments can accurately be made by people with an understanding of political philosophy and history.
The only accurate criticism of the Tea Party movement that is being expressed is that they have a lack of direction and they know what they don’t want more than they know what they do want. What history has taught us is that sooner than later these opponents of Washington will find leadership along with direction.


  • Silence Dogood 5 years ago

    It is interesting to see the media attack the tea parties, you can tell they are very threatened by them. I think by in large they are surprised to find that America hasn't given up on the values on which it was founded. The Obama administration better get something right soon otherwise his supporters in Congress may find themselves out of a job come next year.

  • Emily Shelton 5 years ago

    There are always closet racists, but it's never tolerated in any Tea Party group I've every been affiliated with.

  • Christopher Shelton 5 years ago

    Silence, the left attacks what they fear. Three very good examples of this are Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Look at their attacks against Sarah Palin. If she were as dumb as they pretend, why would they spend so much time focusing on destroying her? They know conservatives will, eventually, over power them if people are left to be free. This is also why they're trying to pass all of this liberty killing legislation so quickly. The left is afraid that there will be an uprising in 2010 and they will have lost their chance.