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The Idols of Façade & Security

Are you walking the path?
Are you walking the path?
By permission: N. Patrick Marica


In part 1 of the Walk Applied series, we discussed the bride of Christ, and how we know that to be the bride of Christ, we must be saved. In part 2 of the Walk Applied series, we talked about some of the properties of what it means to be saved. Then, in part 3 of the Walk Applied series, we talked about the Fall and why Free Will and choice made the Fall necessary. In Part 4, we examined the consequences of the Fall. (Click on the links above or at the bottom of this article to read the articles…) In part 5 of the Walk Applied Series we began to see that Idolatry is actually made up of two belief systems: Rebellion Idolatry and Need Idolatry. We also discussed Pride – the foundation of all idolatry. Now, in part 6 we will look at Facade and Security


Adam and Eve denied God. They willingly and knowingly came out of Godly Authority, and, as a result, came under intermediate Satanic authority. God, in His infinite wisdom, allowed us the enormous privilege of the capability to choose or deny Him. He also graciously granted consequences for our sinful choice. Instead of simply destroying us, God’s response was to allow us an idolatrous belief system that undergird and form the foundation of our sin issues. There are two such belief systems: Rebellion Idolatry and Need Idolatry. Rebellion Idolatry consists of the idols of Pride, Performance, Security, Façade, Pleasure and Entitlement. Need Idolatry consists of: Provision, Security, Acceptance, Identity, Knowledge and Purpose.

FAÇADE: (Gen 3:7)

The first thing Adam and Eve did after the fall was to cover up; they were avoiding judgment by one another. Thus, I will attempt to “project an image” of myself in accordance to what I perceive will put me in authority over “them”. Façade is self-deceiving in that it really depends upon our perception of how others perceive us. In effect this belief system allows others to control us (we are actually submitting to others), for it is dependent on what we perceive others believe about us. The fundamental false belief with façade is that I can control how others perceive me.

SECURITY: (Gen 3:16 – 19)

Security is defined to be the belief that our safety lies in human institutions or in something that is external to us. For most men, security is achievement within human institutions. For most women, it is seen the protection of the husband within the institution of marriage. Security is also seen in the protection afforded by government or financial institutions. In many cultures, security will be seen to be found in idols. The fundamental false belief with security is that I can control what happens to me. When we read (Gen 3:16): “To the woman he said, "…Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you."”, the contention here is that God is allowing the belief to be instilled in Eve that she will depend upon sinful men for her security instead of looking to the Living God for her security. Yet she will also contend with the duality of not only seeing her husband as her security, while trying to usurp his authority in marriage (typically through manipulation) because of her tendency to judge. She will want to “mold” him into her idea of security. The husband will also contend with power and control issues as he deals with judgment and achievement. Since the husband operates out of performance, he will very likely try to control her as he asserts himself as “the leader”. He may indeed “judge” her by misunderstanding her need for security as invasive.


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