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The iCloud begins forming with an active domain

Apple iCloud
Apple iCloud

Apple's iCloud, the active move to the cloud for all Apple devices and services, is getting closer and closer. Gizmodo reports has been activated for developers, allowing them to play around with the site and begin working their APIs into programs.

iCloud has been in Beta for some weeks for regular Apple users, with many not knowing. Apple has already moved iTunes and App Store purchased to the cloud, allowing users to access and play them from any device, instead of needing to sync to a home computer. In fact, iOS 5 will remove the need to tether to boot up a new iPhone or iPod Touch, and instead allow people to set up their devices on the actual device.

Every user of the iCloud will have 5 GB free at launch. Any music and apps uploaded purchased from Apple will not count towards this total. 9To5Mac reports that additional space will be available to purchase. It will cost users $20/year for an extra 10 GB, $40/year for an extra 20 GB, and $100/year for an extra 100 GB.