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The icing on the Nintendo cake is green.

Hyrule field, being beautiful as usual
Hyrule field, being beautiful as usual

Let’s talk a little more in depth about the Legend of Zelda content that was revealed at E3 this morning. There may also be more by the end of E3, especially since there was talk of Zelda Williams coming to the show to talk about something specific. Obviously the most exciting bit is the new title shown off. It does not have a set name or date yet, simply a 2015 at the end of the trailer. ( It was emphasized greatly that they wanted to go back to the free roaming open world that was the first Legend of Zelda game, and in the trailer Aonuma gestures behind him at the scenery and mentions that you can travel all the way to the mountains in the background. This Game is going to be huge and not to mention gorgeous! All the visuals from the trailer are confirmed in game engine and not pre rendered. In the trailer you see a hooded figure riding horseback being chased by a massive monster shooting fire. As the cloak is removed you see link sporting an unusual new color: blue! He is also rocking a small ponytail and a new magic bow shooting fire at this new enemy. It doesn’t show anything related to the storyline or much else other than showing off the new art style. It is slated for next year, most likely later, after another showing at next years E3.

Next let’s look at the Hyrule warriors news we got today! ( ) Princess Zelda and Midna are confirmed as playable characters with more to be revealed later on. Some of the weapons it shows Zelda using is a sword and her bow of light. Midna is seen fighting with a new shadow wolf form. In the trailer we see several of the fighters making use of their many styles of fighting and link showing of lots of different weapons, from his trusty sword to giant bombs! We also see an Ocarina of Time style great fairy flying around link in a cut scene type snippet. There is also a small reveal teaser of Gannondorf himself, whether or not he is the main villain of the game is yet to be seen, but rest assured that Gannon will be causing some sort of trouble for our heroes.