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The Icarus Trade -A novel about being pushed to the edge


What's the novel about? When Wall St trader Jarrod Stirling is on the wrong side of a risky trade, redemption takes him on a perilous mission far from home. arrod Stirling is a Rhodes Scholar with a Harvard MBA who was cashiered out of the CIA when he fell on his sword to protect the career of the woman he loved. Now on Wall Street as the chief energy trader for the hedge fund of Blackenford Capital, he learns the general partner of the firm -- who is also his mentor -- has made some disastrous trades that have put the firm on the brink of bankruptcy. To save the firm, Stirling makes a series of risky energy trades that draw him and his lost love into the vortex of a conflagration in the Middle East – where his career, Blackenford Capital, and the world’s energy bloodline, hang in the balance.

The budget- The funds raised via kickstarter will be used for

1) Final editing of the novel (which currently is at 292 pages and 99% complete)

2) For costs to cover publishing the book itself in virtual and non-virtual forms

3) For marketing of the novel itself

Perks include early releases of novels and being a character in the book.

You can read part of the book and pick out your perks here