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The Hyundai Veloster could get the axe

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The Hyundai Veloster is a contemporary hatchback with great sporty coupe styling and offers an entertaining drive with a decent amount of comfort, so why would it get kicked to the curb? Well reportedly, a mere 60,000 units of the three-door hatchback sold globally. The low sales figure is just not enough to justify a second generation and besides, an unnamed company executive has spilled the beans that Hyundai is in the throes of deciding the car’s fate and it does not look good according to Australia’s GoAuto.

Known as Premium Youth Lab in South Korea, the Veloster was built to replace the Hyundai Tiburon, which ceased production in 2008. Hyundai’s littlest family member, which made its splash in 2011, is reportedly scheduled for a tweak pretty soon but according to GoAuto, the anonymous source says the company’s decision as to whether it stays is still, pretty much up in the air. “It still has not been decided. There is still debate as to whether it will happen,” the unnamed home-market executive told GoAuto.

Well despite all the rumors and gloomy predictions, Hyundai’s creative design manager, Casey Hyun has this to tell GoAuto about the hatch with the asymmetrical door configuration that was a radical departure from the Korean company’s other vehicle offerings, “The Veloster has really made people understand that Hyundai is not just a volume brand. It is a very defining car – and so we will continue to develop something that is different and challenging. The Veloster opened people’s eyes to the brand.
There are times when a vehicle’s importance goes beyond sales and money-making abilities because of what it brings to the brand,” Hyun contends.

Meanwhile, Hyundai’s Veloster is reportedly set to undergo a slew of changes—new grille, rear-end and an upgraded interior with even more bells and whistles in the technology department.

--Car Chick