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The hydration benefits of rose water

The Amazing Benefits of Rose Water
The Amazing Benefits of Rose Water
via the EatHealthyStayHealthy Blog

Rose water is a favorite toner in facial skincare. This refreshingly fragrant hydrosol, a by-product of the production of rose oil for use in perfume, rose water is a powerful humectant - an ingredient that attracts moisture and protects from evaporation. Safe and effective for all skin types, those with dry and maturing skin may get the most benefit.

As with most toners, rose water is applied either as a spray or on a cotton round after cleansing, but before serums and moisturizers. It is important to remember that moistened skin is already absorbing, and toners can help skin to absorb active ingredients. Rose water has its own unique and marvelous benefits.

Aside from its hydration enrichment benefits, rose water also imparts collagen from the petals and natural growth factors, which have an amazing 'flash firming' effect on the skin. A quick spritz of rose water helps firm the skin before applying makeup, making for a smoother appearance.

Another helpful tip: a small spray bottle of rose water in your bag is wonderful for refreshing your makeup and cooling your skin. It's a fantastic treat for those going through menopause!