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'The Hunt': Police killed suspect featured on 'The Hunt' on CNN

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A man that was on the show "The Hunt" on CNN has now been killed by police officers as they tried to catch him. On Monday, CNN shared the news about what happened to suspected sex offender Charles Mozdir. John Walsh is the host of this show and they talked have been looking for Charles since back in 2012.

Two U.S. marshals and a New York City police officer were also injured in this altercation. Once the episode aired with him on it, the tips started to come in and this is when he was located. If it wasn't for "The Hunt," they might have never found him. First a tip came out about where he was working, but it wasn't right.

They then found out his address at an apartment in Manhattan's West Village. His original arrest was for touching a seven-year-old in an inappropriate way. Charles was supposed to be helping take care of the sick child when this all went down. He was also accused in another case and then skipped town and didn't show up for court.

Nobody would admit where Charles Mozdir was at and he had talked about possibly skipping town. It looks like he did skip town for a while or if he didn't then he did a great job of hiding out until the police finally found him. USA Today shared a bit more about what went down when they tried to pick him up.

All three officers that were shot are in stable condition at this time which is great news. They were attempting to arrest Charles when an exchange of gunfire turned deadly for the suspect. He did not want to go to jail no matter what. Obviously they hoped to bring him in alive so he could face his charges, but when the shooting started that is not how it turned out for him.