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"The Hunger Games" rates a "can't put down" status


“The Hunger Games” series by Suzanne Collins has two books out and one being eagerly anticipated. If you are looking for a series to rope you in; this is it.

A post-apocalyptic young adult book, the series starts with “The Hunger Games.” In an unspecified year in the future, the United States has fallen and been divided into twelve districts run by The Capitol. This fact alone was enough to hook me on the series as I love futuristic stories in which the human race faces a new society.

The story begins on The Reaping day, when two teenagers from each district are selected to participate in The Hunger Games; a televised battle to the death. Our narrator, Katniss, sacrifices herself to save her younger sister and is thrust into a terrifying struggle to survive.

Both books are exciting and amazing journeys for the characters involved. Katniss is an excellent narrator; she is likable, brave and smart. The story is engrossing yet disturbing and as you learn about the characters the fact that most of them will die makes for an edge of your seat ride. Every page will have you eager for more and the end of each book with have you reaching for the next.

If you enjoyed books like "1984" and "Brave New World" you will love this series. Not only its plot but what it reveals about society and human nature and the lengths people will go to when life and death are on the line.

Be on the lookout for the third book in the series "Mockingjay" due for release on August 24th, 2010

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