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'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay' movie news: Part 1 ending? Posters after trailer

While it may be true that the “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1movie is still a few months away, that hasn’t stopped fans from remaining incredibly excited about the upcoming adaptation of the third and final novel in Suzanne Collins’ successful trilogy. Split into two parts, the latest spoiler news surrounding the “Mockingjay” flick is that it may end with the special wedding of characters Finnick Odair and Annie. AZ Central News also reveals this Saturday, August 8, 2014, that Lionsgate recently presented fans with a first look at District 13 posters following the teaser trailer.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 ending news and posters
Courtesy of Creative Commons, Kendra Miller

As has been the case with many other hit book to film series, including “Harry Potter,” “Twilight,” and now “The Hunger Games,” it has been decided that “Mockingjay” — once again starring the impeccable Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen pitted against the Capitol — will have two halves — a pair of wings, if you will.

Naturally, speculation has run rampant this summer regarding just where movie officials will decide to split the “Catching Fire” sequel. One ideal location that quite a few fans have considered, notes Christian Post this weekend, would be the long-awaited wedding of the handsome Finnick Odair and his mentally unstable beloved, Annie. There's some grounded reasoning behind this potential ending, argue enthusiasts.

Such a powerful scene, sources believe, occurs at a relatively midway point within the original “Mockingjay” novel and might serve as a solid conclusion to the first installment of the final movie adaptation. Furthermore, the wedding of the former Hunger Games movies also heralds the quickly approaching uniting of Panem’s citizens as they brace themselves to confront the Capitol and further explore the secrets of District 13.

There is no confirmation that the romantic, if hurried, union will mark the finale of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1,” however. Others are of the opinion that the young adult dystopian film may actually reach its breathtaking conclusion with a less positive experience, namely with Peeta being returned at last to District 13, only to try to choke and kill Katniss instead of hug her because of his harrowing torture at the hands of President Snow.

In light of the great glimpse of the “Mockingjay” trailer we fans recently saw as we anxiously await the beginning of the end for “The Hunger Games” movie franchise, Lionsgate Entertainment has now provided us with an amazing look at character posters. Although we haven’t seen one of Katniss quite yet, we are privy to stark images of how far our cast has come in both the Capitol and finally reaching District 13.

The Games’ posters can be glimpsed on the AZ Central site, featuring a decidedly less colorful Effie, a grim Haymitch Abernathy, the late Philip Seymour Hoffman as the manipulative Plutarch Heavensbee, and even President Coin (portraying the staunch President Alma Coin).

While most readers and movie goers may already be aware, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1” has an official release date here in the U.S. this November 21, 2014. The “Part 2” installment is believed to be released sometime in November 2015, but no date has been stated at this point in time. Here is also the official promotion poster of the fiery winged film.

Where do you think the upcoming adaptation will end? Is the iconic Finnick wedding scene a likely spot, the frightening and less than ideal reunion between Katniss and Peeta, or some other unexpected scene? And what do you think of the new character posters and photos? With a teaser trailer behind us and no doubt more promotion on the way, hopefully the wait won’t be too difficult these next few months for fellow “The Hunger Games” aficionados.

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