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The Humble Weekly Sale gets a little Dirt under the hood

SpecialEffect's logo
SpecialEffect's logo

The Humble Weekly Sale featuring Codemasters has just launched, and it offers seven fantastic titles. Overlord and the Raising Hell DLC, Operation Flashpoint: Red River and Dragon Rising and Rise of the Argonauts are all available for any price. For those that spend more than $6 USD, Overlord 2, Dirt 3 and Dirt: Showdown are available. Buyers must spend more than $1 to unlock their games on Steam.

However, the entire point of the Humble Bundle service is to support charity. This week, all charity proceeds go to Special Effect. From their own definition: "SpecialEffect is the only specialized UK-based charity dedicated to helping ALL people with disabilities enjoy video games." SpecialEffect creates special controllers and systems for any disabled person so that they can enjoy the games they love. SpecialEffect is highly recognized, and has a wide range of partners that can be viewed by clicking here.

By giving to this charity, you will be allowing anyone to enjoy games like the games that you receive when you purchase the bundle. As always, the developers and Humble organizers need a paycheck as much as anyone else, but also consider contributing to such wonderful charities like SpecialEffect. The difference a few dollars can make is enormous.