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The human connection – closer than we think

We are all much more connected than we know.
We are all much more connected than we know.
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Have you ever had the experience of speaking with someone and suddenly you know exactly what they’re going to say before they say it? If a poll was taken of a random number of people on the street, odds are you would find that at least 50% of them have had this very experience and possibly more than once, in fact, several times during their lifetime. Is this ESP (extrasensory perception), or is there a deeper connection at work? Most of us have had the experience, at least within our own families, of being able to finish each other’s sentences at times, mostly likely from being familiar with how each other thinks and feels about things in general. However; when this happens with other people who are not as close to us, we often find ourselves wondering why.

Most of us have heard the term “reincarnation”, which by definition is the belief that when our bodies cease to function and we “die”, our souls go through a life review and decide if there are more lessons to be learned as a human being, and, if so, get born again into a human body as an infant in order to have another lifetime in which to learn certain lessons. If we think of the number of times we’ve felt that we’ve been to a certain location or been in a certain situation before, even though we know we haven’t in this lifetime, reincarnation may not seem so far-fetched.

In our present, electronically connected, world today the possibilities for these types of very close connections and experiences have multiplied, as we have the opportunity to connect with more and more people every day. Messages are sent out almost at the speed of thought, and connections we might never have made previously are right there literally in our hands. However, as amazing as our computer technology is now; our lifetime connections are even closer. We are all much more connected than we think.
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