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The Human Body

The human body will eventually age and along with aging our looks and health will also change as our body ages.

The human body will eventually age and along with aging our looks and health will also change as our body ages.
The human body will eventually age

The teeth decay to the point of having caps, bridges, fillings and dental work done, and
our gums get gum disease when the teeth begin to decay.

The circulation to the pulmonary system usually can decrease up to thirty percent, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen exchanged in the lung.

The cardiovascular system starts to slow down in the human body causing changes in the heart and blood vessels and the ability of the valves of the heart to operate in a sufficient manner may also slowly decline.

The human body neurological and sensory function of the brain slowly changes and shrinks thus causing space between the brain and the skull resulting in a hardening, narrowing, and the loss or the ability of arteries in the brain to return to normal.

The human body temperature may not function normally because of it’s ability to recover from an infection with fever or from a traumatic injury such as a broken hip resulting in the body possibly lying on a cold floor for a lengthy time leading to hypothermia.

The kidney function could slowly decrease in the human body resulting in the the kidneys ability to filter and cause urine to exit the body.

The musculoskeletal system of the human body may weaken to cause changes in posture such as height due to damage of the vertebral discs possibly causing a deformity in the spine resulting in the spine to curve into a (S) shape.

The human body function of creating saliva, ability to digest food, and gastric secretion may also decrease resulting in the body’s ability to absorb nutrients that could lead to more complications within the body.

The immune system of the human body can also become weakened and make the body work harder to fight off infections or diseases that try to attack the body.

Other changes in the human body can also include slower reflexes, worsened eyesight, ability of movement, and many other changes can effect the body as it ages to include the eventually of death of the human body.

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