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"The Hulk" speaks on Unification bout with "Mongo" this Sat. night on!

Mongo vs The Hulk

CLICK HERE to watch this event LIVE from anywhere in the WORLD!!!

This Saturday night at the duel ShoFIGHT & BRAWL INC Boiling Point & Subzero event from the Radisson Hotel & Convention Center in Branson, MO which will be streamed around the WORLD LIVE on at 9pm EST, Josh "The Hulk" Faries (9-9) will look to unify the ShoFIGHT & BRAWL INC Heavyweight Championships when he faces undefeated Brandon "Mongo" Huckaby (5-0).

Though "The Hulk" doesn't have an undefeated record like his opponent Huckaby, he brings a vast amount of experience and a 4 fight winning streak to the cage with him on Saturday. The showdown will mark the 1st time that the ShoFIGHT & BRAWL INC Heavyweight Championships are unified. Expect both men to leave it all in the cage this Saturday night LIVE on, to capture the glory & unified Heavyweight Championship!

We recently had the chance to briefly discuss his upcoming bout with Brandon Huckaby this Saturday night and this is what "The Hulk" had to say: How is training camp coming along for your fight with Huckaby?

"The Hulk": Training camp is going great. I feel great, training hard as usual and looking to put on a show for the people in attendance and the people watching on iPPV. What do you know about your opponent? Is there any flaws that you plan to expose?

"The Hulk": I don't know much but I do know he likes stand up and I plan on testing his will to win and plan on exposing his weakness on the ground. Since you have what most would consider the more coveted championship, do you feel you have the most to lose in this fight? With that do you think Brandon will be pressure free going into the fight?

"The Hulk": Well yes I have a championship on the line but I've lost before and I know how it feels to lose. He has a 4-0 record so in my opinion he has a title and a record on the line so he has more to lose than I do. For fans that are not familiar with you, how would you describe yourself as a fighter?

"The Hulk": Well I would describe my self as a pressure fighter, I never back up alway making the person I'm fighting uncomfortable and I always look for the finish. What training team do you represent?

"The Hulk": Dark Horse MMA With a victory here you will become both ShoFight & Brawl Inc HW Champion to start 2014, where would you like to see your career go in 2014?

"The Hulk": I'd like a few more ammy fights then I will look to go pro. Who are some of the fighters you use as inspiration?

"The Hulk": Some of the fighters I look up to are Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort. What can fans watching in attendance or around the world watching on expect from you on fight night?

"The Hulk": They can expect that when that cage door shuts that I'm there to fight and to do nothing else. I'm there to win and the people are going to get their money worth!

Tickets for this event start at $25 and are available at but if you can't be Radisson Hotel & Convention center in Branson, MO, fear not, you can still watch this entire event, from start to finish, LIVE from anywhere in the WORLD on! The event starts at 9pm EST but if you miss any of the action you can re watch for LIFE on GFL OnDemand once you order the event!!

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