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The House To Raise Child Tax Credit

The House To Raise Child Tax Credit
The House To Raise Child Tax Credit
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The Child Tax Credit is about to be tied to rising inflation thus meaning that it would go up as consumer prices go up. This is fine if only the money that is supposed to be going to help raise a child would actually go to the children. The democrats say this is going to help the wealthier rather than going to the poorest families where it is needed. Here is the kicker, this the money simply is not going for the children. I happen to live in an area of Tampa, Florida where there are many low income/no income families

Let's take a look at one family that consists of a father, a mother, and their four children. The Father works for the trailer park that I live in. His rent is taken out of his pay and at the end if the year he is given a 1099. The Mother doesn't work and the household receives food stamps as well as social security payments each month. Now the income tax refund they received last year was around $7,000 One child is in school and is in an ESE program. The other three are not yet ready for school and so they stay home. They live in what only could be called squalor. Their yard is unkempt and the house looks like a pig sty. The first thing they did last year with their income tax money was buy marijuana. The second was a junk-heap of a car they bought off Craigslist. They ended up selling that car because it did not run. They bought a second junker and got rid of it because they couldn't get it running. They then bought a big screen TV which they later pawned. Oh and yes they bought more marijuana. No money went to the children for clothes or otherwise. How do I know this because not a month after he got his refund he was broke and knocking on my door begging for food for his children.

So, how do I know that there are families like his? Because I'm a teacher for the Hillsborough County School System and this is normal for the low income families that I deal with. Please tell me why our government wants to hand out more child tax credits when for the most part the money does not go to the children. What is worse is that you can ask most of the teachers in the district and they can tell you the same story.

Certainly there are families that are deserving of this credit but not for the low income families that are having children and honestly can't afford them. Why should we the taxpayer give out our hard earned money to people who probably have no high school diploma and are the stupidest people on the planet abusing the system without a care? You give an uneducated person 7000 dollars and I guarantee it will most likely not go to where it belongs. The house needs to rethink what they are doing and put this money to where it is best needed.