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The Hotelier, Indie Rock as it was meant to sound

The Hotelier
The Hotelier

Being unconventional is meant to be organic, when it's manufactured, it becomes cheap, fraudulent, and useless. This is the problem of modern Indie Rock, which is a crowded club full of painfully ironic fashion choices, beards, PBR, and so much conforming in anti-conformity it makes country club members look like the rebels of society. The Massachusetts outfit The Hotelier is everything that is right with the idea of Indie Rock. The Hotelier gives you talented, unpredictable and wildly creative anthems laced with the spirit of Rock N' Roll, and it's intoxicating.

I took the time today to check out their latest album "Home, Like Noplace is There." The genius of a band like The Hotelier is found in their ability to keep you guessing. Every time or song where you think you've begun to expect what comes next, there comes changes in melody, flow and even style. The subtle changes show perfection in simplicity, while the major changes rock your foundation and have you asking life's biggest questions like "Why do I play by the rules?" You can check out The Hotelier on Facebook, and get your copy of "Home, Like Noplace is There". The band is also currently on tour, so make sure you catch them live!

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