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The horizon is becoming clear

The new face of retirement
The new face of retirement
The Caregiver

Caregivers may have the opportunity to spend the maximum of their time on the physical care giving. While truthfully more time is spent on making appointments, picking up prescriptions and over the counter products, not to mention overseeing the medical insurance billing, keeping track of all the paperwork necessary for taxes, Medicare and Medicaid and the list goes on. And around all of this is the everyday chores such as laundry, house cleaning, preparing meals and alike.

It is no wonder that as we are aging and down to being the single person in the home many times thought goes to retirement living or assisted living. Although currently there is little being offered to low income, planning and new ventures into residential care is in the works and will be driven by the 'campus of care' ( this would be one piece of ground with independent retirement living, assisted living and skilled nursing home care all connected by one financial umbrella) and the new laws being forced into state law by the formation of the newly driven health care system. The problem is individuals are not prepared for the reams of paperwork necessary to complete for the current programs to help the low income. There are people out in our world that can help us with this paper work; the problem is many times we feel the money is too much to pay. When perhaps we should look at the situation as 'this expenditure is worth two or three times in the long run'; the need is for those working in the field to be able to interrupt costs on individual basis. Filling out the paper work for government pensions, medical programs and so forth seems to be a lot of work; however this is the new face of retirement.

Take time to do our research, before it is necessary and know who in our community is knowledgeable and not affiliated with retirement living organizations. Having the knowledge of who to ask and what to ask is more than half the battle. And remember there has never been any better knowledge than those who have used the service before. When searching for the right individual to help us, remember to agency in the know currently is the National Senior Citizens Law Center ( ) is one of the most recognized groups looking and knowing the rules of the road for our next big change with is happening now.